Testing kit for asbestos.

Asbestos Testing Kits

A testing kit for asbestos can determine whether you need to have removal of asbestos or are safe in your home.

If you are worried that your home has a problem with asbestos.  If it was built before asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999, then our testing kit for asbestos is the way to a professional easy, safe and affordable.Asbestos sample testing artex test kit OxfordASBESTOS TESTING KITS £25.99 – £115.99

We deal with all the PPE you need in our kits.

With a UKAS certificate to verify if it is negative or positive, you will feel at ease and safe knowing.


Asbestos comes in basically three forms.  There is white asbestos which is worldwide and in probably in 90% of home homes built before 1999.

Unfortunately, it does not stop at just getting a testing kit for your artex for asbestos, it has so many factors including your loft, boiler, and tiles on your floor.

Asbestos Testing Kits

If there is textured artex coating in your lovely home or a home you are buying – there is really no need for panic but you may want to take some action.

The asbestos is bonded within the mix from Artex and covered with possibly many years of emulsion paint layers to keep it at bay.

As long as your artex is in very good condition and you can live with it, then leave it alone.

If you can not live with it or it is in poor condition you have a few options.  In the first instance, you should get it surveyed with samples taken and tested as it may not contain asbestos.

If it has been applied since the turn of this century with one of our artex testing kits for asbestos, it could make a whole difference.

Testing kit for asbestos in the UK for Artex samples or home kits.

Taking a reliable UKAS promise, I think that our services will make you feel at ease and spending time and knowing these days will make a whole difference.

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